Note: tutorials are relevant to facilitators using a licensed Zoom account (Pro/Business/Enterprise). Free Zoom accounts do not have all features enabled, and have a maximum meeting time limit of 40 minutes. 

Zoom works best when run through the desktop app.


To start the meeting, log in to your Zoom account and click ‘Start this meeting’. The meeting can only be started by the Host who scheduled the meeting.



  • Participants connecting via phone or mobile often struggle to read in-meeting chat. Encourage participants to ask questions themselves rather than using in-meeting chat where possible, and ask your co-facilitator to read in-meeting chat questions aloud if relevant to the whole group.


  • ‘Nonverbal feedback’ must be enabled on Meeting Settings.






  • ‘Polling’ must be enabled on Meeting Settings.


  • ‘Breakout room’ must be enabled on Meeting Settings.

  • Only Hosts can assign participants to breakout rooms.

  • Participants cannot send in-meeting chat messages while in a Breakout room. To communicate with participants, click ‘Broadcast a message to all’ to send messages to all participants (this appears on-screen for 15 seconds). Participants can request assistance by clicking ‘Ask for help’, which sends the Host an invite to join the participants’ Breakout room.

  • To leave activity instructions on-screen during Breakout activities, post the activity instructions to the in-meeting chat before launching the Breakout rooms.